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Out of the Blue in Berlin

Berlin_out-of-the-blue 2013

click on the image to get full resolution. Panorama photo by Albert of Waldbuehne, June 2, 2013, Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Neil Young & Crazy Horse set for 2013 UK tour

Described somewhat aptly?  as: “A grizzly bear of a man wrings sublimely heavy tones from a battered old Les Paul and a chain of massively overdriven amps while his seasoned companions sweat and toil to forge the most elemental of grooves: such is the lumbering majesty of Neil Young and Crazy Horse live.”

Too bad they used the photo of Neil is his poncho.neil in poncho

This is the opening paragraph in an article from UK’s ‘The List,” talking about the upcoming European tour of Neil Young with the horse.

It’s been 12 years since they played in Scotland. The June 13 Glasgow show is sold out.

The short article is somewhat over-the-top in liberties taken with lines like  “Coke-addled LA hippie aristocracy,” and “doo-wop harmonies” described  as an “Embodiment of human frailty.”

Clyde Auditorium







Beautiful Clyde Auditorium where Neil will play with the Horse.

Poncho says it could be the end of the trail

201304011-niel-x600-1365729134In a new Rolling Stone interview Frank ‘Poncho” Sampedro  says his gut is telling him this may be the last Crazy Horse/Neil Young tour.

After all, he is 64-year old and the “baby” of the band.

Those words are heartbreaking, leaving a lump in the throats of devoted fans who have followed the Horse and Neil for decades.

In a Q & A format Andy Greene at RS interviews Poncho, and when Green asks about playing “Hurricane” during a  torrential downpour in Australia, Poncho replies:

“Oh, that was so crazy. It was raining off and on, kind of sprinkling all day there. Then we we started playing “Hurricane” and a torrential downpour came. I mean, literally the organ stopped working it go so wet. I had to play guitar on that song for the first time in history.

  “All that gear took a hit. It almost looked like hail was falling. I was drenched, and I couldn’t move because I was attached to the organ. Those guys got to take a step back and everyone was quickly covering all the amps. The monitor console got totally soaked. A lot of things stopped working. It was crazy, but it’s not the first time that happened during that song. It’s amazing.”

Read more:

more EURO Tour Dates: Copenhagen, Liverpool and London in August

Alchemy Tour logo apparently added, Neil Young and Crazy Horse

12.08. — Copenhagen, Denmark, at “The Forum”

18.08. — Liverpool, Echo Arena
19.08. — London, O2

Priority booking begins at 9am, Tuesday 26 February.

other European “Alchemy” dates:

Neil Young and Crazy Horse 2013 tour (updated)


Alchemy Tour logo


Website has been updated.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tour dates for Australia and Europe 2013.

Stuttgart is lucky to get their show on a full moon.

New dates:

14.07.     Locarno, Switzerland

18.07.   “Big Festival” Biarritz, France (in the Southwest, close to the Spanisch border)

23.07.   Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland

Most current actual tour dates always on  tourdates on BNB | see also Tom’s Sugar Mountain |

Our BNB tour date articles (category) .

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\"(I) drove around the tarsands in my electric car viewing and experiencing
this unbelievable smell and toxicity in my throat — my eyes were
burning,\" he recalled. \"That started 25 miles away from the tarsands.
When I was in Fort Mac, it got more intense. My son, who has cerebral
palsy, has lung damage, (so) he was wearing a mask to keep the toxic
things in the air out of his lungs and make it easy for him to have
lungs after he left.\"

by -- Neil Young, Honor The Treaties 2014

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