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We like BIG sound

Decades later, Neil Young & Crazy Horse still play ear-melting shows.

64908_435481376524384_824321666_nThey will resume their World Tour and ferocious sounds on July 11 in Cologne.

An article by “Someting Else! Reviews” quotes Billy Talbot as saying: ““I don’t use a hearing aid yet,” Talbot  tells KJR in Seattle, laughing. “We’re trying to cosmically join together, kind of like planets in space that have to touch each other, gravity wise, in order for it to work.”

You might think, considering the scorching volume of their shows and the way they huddle together so closely in the middle of the stage, that Neil Young and Crazy Horse are all but deaf. Bassist Billy Talbot clarifies things.

“I don’t use a hearing aid yet,” Talbot  tells KJR in Seattle, laughing. “We’re trying to cosmically join together, kind of like planets in space that have to touch each other, gravity wise, in order for it to work.”

Crazy Horse, since its founding by Talbot, Young, Ralph Molina and Danny Whitten in the late 1960s, has reconnected sporadically over the years. 2012, however, was a signature moment — with Frank “Poncho” Sampedro and Co. issuing not one but two well-received studio efforts.


London, Red Sun,

“No other band of their stature would take this risk”

~Andy Gill, The Independent

LondonNeil Young & Crazy Horse pull “Red Sun” out of their repertoire of songs to wow a London crowd Monday night.

London’s The Independent writer Andy Gill writes in a concert review that: ‘Neil Young may be his own harshest critic. ‘At times tonight, frankly, we sucked,’ he says at the end of another marathon show with Crazy Horse, his on-off backing band for over four decades. ‘But with what we do, that’s always a possibility.'”

Sometimes, he aptly states, they go beyond the point of no return.

“On ‘Walk Like A Giant’, a song about counter-culture values that closes his last album Psychedelic Pill, the almost subterranean fuzz distortion Young wrings from his Les Paul is the musical equivalent of tectonic plates shifting.”

Read more at:–crazy-horse-o2-london-8663090.html

 Video of Red Sun


Dublin fans disappointed

DublinThe Irish may be a tough crowd.

According to the Irish Times, the crowd of 18,000 attending the Dublin June 15 show with Neil Young and Crazy Horse left disappointed with a self-indulgent performance.

The sound was awful, many said.

It starts out: “What was that wafting through the air at the RDS Arena last night? It was the smell of disappointment, as 18,000 Neil Young fans came to the slow and painful realisation that the man in black on stage was there only to please himself and not the modest attendance at the 30,000 capacity venue.”

The writer, Kevin Courtney, and the crowd it seems, wanted more classics. Some commenters at the end of the article beg to differ.

Innaresting reaction.

Read more at:

Glasgow Review

Very short review of Glasgow concert from the Scotland Herald.

neilyoungUseIt starts out: “It is, indeed, better to burn out than to fade away. Neil Young’s first show in Glasgow with Crazy Horse since 2001 was an exhilarating event, old and much-loved songs from his formidable back catalogue being thrown into the mix alongside newer songs. Predictable it wasn’t.”

Neil Young visits Meridian – Pono hi-res music link-up imminent?

Neil Young spent some time yesterday at Meridian Audio in Cambridgeshire, England, to talk about Pono developments.

Neil_Young_Meridian_01Young, who had performed  the previous night at the Birmingham LG Arena, arrived at Meridian’s Cambridgeshire HQ with his entourage in two tour buses, and as well as the meeting with Meridian founder Bob Stuart, had a variety of demonstrations of Meridian systems, including a session in the Meridian Digital Theatre, a visit to the company’s new Experience Centre, and a ride in a Meridian-equipped Range Rover Vogue, according to the article that appeared in What  Hi Fi?, a tech review site., written by Andrew Everard.

Neil seems to be having fun in Europe…

Read more here:

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