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Waging Heavy Peace (T.O. Star article)

Sharry reports:

Neil has set off a tidal wave of interest in the Canadian publishing industry for homegrown celebrity memoirs. Read all about it below in an article that was published yesterday in the Toronto Star.

I’m really excited about Neil writing his memoir. Isn’t it something that we’ve all secretly been hoping for all these years? I never thought I’d see the day when he would do this.

here is the Toronto Star article:

Sep 26, 2011

News that Neil Young has decided to write his own memoir has Canadian publishers scratching their heads over the possibility of more potential gold in the lives and secrets of the nation’s star entertainers and celebrities.

“In Canada it’s kind of hard to come up with star-power names whose books people will want to buy,” McClelland & Stewart president Doug Pepper confessed to the Star following the announcement Tuesday of Young’s deal with Blue Rider Press, an imprint of Penguin Books.

“And in the end, it’s not the size of the star that counts as much as his or her fearlessness. Can they be genuinely candid? Can they write about what people want to read?”

That question is particularly relevant in Young’s case. Young participated in an earlier biography written by James McDonough’s in 2002. But he later took it to task, and caused it to be bowdlerized after legal proceedings.

Given Young’s objections to McDonough’s biography, and his reputation as an eccentric and obsessive custodian of his own myth, others in Canada’s publishing industry, who asked to remain anonymous, are skeptical that the Canadian folk-rocker will be as candid as Rolling Stone Keith Richards is in his top-selling 2010 memoir, Life, though they agree the length and artistic scope of Young’s eventful career will likely fuel intense sales.

Among Canadian celebs with potentially golden memoirs, Young seems a popular favourite, though few publishers are willing to make public their actual wish lists, for fear of tipping off the competition.

…more here on Toronto Stare .

Neil Young and his memoirs…

Neil Young has already written “a good deal of material” for his upcoming memoir, tentatively titled Waging Heavy Peace.

Joining the lengthening list of rockers to have penned, or signed to pen, their life story, Young will release his work in the fall of 2012, Blue Rider Press announced.

“He felt that this was a really propitious moment to try and put some stuff down on paper,” David Rosenthal, the president and publisher, told The New York Times.

“The intention is to cover pretty much everything — growing up, music, life. I am astounded at his memory for detail.”

“I felt like writing books fit me like a glove; I started and I just kept going,” Young said in a statement.

…more on: Neil Young signs deal to publish memoirs – Music –

Neil is writing his memoirs

An article in today’s issue of the New York Times revealed some more information about Neil’s forthcoming memoir. It’s tentatively titled “Waging Heavy Peace” and is to be released in the fall of 2012.

Neil Young, easily one of the most influential and enigmatic musicians of his generation, will write a memoir, his publisher said on Monday. Blue Rider Press, an imprint of Penguin Group USA, acquired the book after several years of discussions with Mr. Young, said David Rosenthal, the president and publisher.

“He’s been very busy playing and touring and making records, and the guy has 100 things going on all the time,” Mr. Rosenthal said. “He felt that this was a really propitious moment to try and put some stuff down on paper.” The book, tentatively titled “Waging Heavy Peace,” will be released in fall 2012. Mr. Young has already finished writing “a good deal of material,” Mr. Rosenthal said. “The intention is to cover pretty much everything — growing up, music, life,” he added. “I am astounded at his memory for detail.”

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