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Waging Heavy Peace: Limited Edition

There will be a limited edition of 500 copies that are signed, numbered, and leatherbound for $500.

At age 65, Neil Young, with no ghost writer, tells his story. Conversational in tone we get it all– the music, the bands, his son the quadriplegic, his daughter’s epilepsy…he has never compromised and doesn’t start now. Comparable to the big bios like Bob Dylan, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton. Appearances on Fresh Air, Letterman, CBS This Morning all confirmed.

500 Limited editions for $500.00 apiece – signed, numbered, leather bound.


ISBN: 9780399162848
Weight 5.00 lbs
Author Neil Young
Publisher Blue Rider Press
Edition Signed limited hardcover
Page Count 416
Print Run 500
Release Date October 2012
Price: $500.00

“The publisher doesn’t provide an overview and there isn’t any information listed that it is autographed”

Patti Smith and Neil Young present their books (The New Yorker)

…and will go on a tour together this summer.

June 6, 2012

Neil Young and Patti Smith at B.E.A.

by Ben Greenman
Blue Rider Press and Penguin USA Celebrate Neil Young's New Book via AP Images

BookExpo America has its own rock stars: Barbara Kingsolver, Daniel Handler, Dean Koontz, whose name was on hundreds of posters on the front doors of the Javits Center. This year, it also had two actual rock stars: Neil Young and Patti Smith, who appeared on Wednesday afternoon at B.E.A. for an onstage conversation.

Both have new albums out: Young has just released “Americana,” a collection of folk songs such as “Oh Susanna” and “Clementine” updated as sprawling garage-rock and performed with his longtime partners in noise, Crazy Horse; and Smith has put out “Banga,” a collection that also touches on the American myth by adapting the journals of Amerigo Vespucci and, for that matter, includes a cover of Young’s “After the Gold Rush.” But they were at B.E.A. doing book business: Young’s memoir “Waging Heavy Peace” is due out in October, and Smith’s “Just Kids” won the National Book Award for Nonfiction in 2010. And while the two have crossed paths throughout the years—they sang together at Young’s Bridge Benefit concert in 1996, and they’ll join forces this fall for a tour we (and, we hope, they) are code-naming the Crazy Horses Tour…

…more on The New Yorker.



Waging Heavy Peace excerpt

Neil-Young_Waging-Heavy-Peace_cover Lone Red Rider reports:
Check out this free e-book which contains, amongst a lot of other things, an exerpt of Neil’s forthcoming book:

Links to various ereader services included. Select the one which is relevant to you. I went the google play route since I had an account already set up.

Neil’s all over the map in this exerpt. But it’s nice to experience his “voice” over many topics we have come to be familiar with.

Thanks, oz.

Neil’s Autobio and related talk “Waging heavy peace”

Neil-Young_Waging-Heavy-Peace_ book cover PEOPLE: Neil Young to speak at book convention
Saturday, March 24, 2012

NEW YORK — Neil Young has a special gig in New York City this June at the annual publishing convention, BookExpo America.

The convention’s organizers said the rock star will speak June 6 about his upcoming memoir, “Waging Heavy Peace,” scheduled to come out this fall. Young, 66, is known for such songs as “Heart of Gold,” “Southern Man” and “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

He will speak on stage at the Jacob Javits Center with an interviewer to be named later. One possibility: Stephen Colbert, who has interviewed Young on his Comedy Central show and is already a featured speaker at BookExpo.

Neil autobiography: Waging Heavy Peace

the Neil Young autobiography, on pre-order at Amazon:

Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young (Oct 2, 2012)

“The intention is to cover pretty much everything — growing up, music, life.”

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“\"this is the town in NOrth Ontario, where I used to catch fish... is this beautiful? This is in my head, that\'s why you don\'t have to worry when you loose friends, because they are still in your head, in your heart\"”
by Neil Young, \"Journeys\", Demme movie

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