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Neil Young Set List: 2012-08-09, Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys, Stateline, Nevada

thanx to Tom H of sugar-mountain fame.

Neil Young
Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys, Stateline, Nevada, USA

1. Love And Only Love
2. Powderfinger
3. Born In Ontario
4. Walk Like A Giant
5. The Needle And The Damage Done
6. Twisted Road
7. For The Love Of Man
8. Ramada Inn
9. Cinnamon Girl
10. F*!#in’ Up
11. Psychedelic Pill
12. Jesus’ Chariot
13. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

14.  Over And Over

Neil Young – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Frank Sampedro ­ electric guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot – bass, vocals
Ralph Molina – drums, vocals

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2 Responses to “Neil Young Set List: 2012-08-09, Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys, Stateline, Nevada”

  • Michael says:

    Last night was an excellent show. We had passes to the small section directly in front of the stage which was standing room only. Everest was a fantastic opening act. They really held our attention. But I was too anxious for our man to come out on stage.

    Around 9PM, the lights dimmed, and out walked Neil & Crazy Horse. Poncho was wearing a t-shirt with a young Jimi Hendrix on it. Neil broke into an electrifying Love & Only Love. Always a good opener. I remember him opening with that a few years back in Reno (which was a phenomenal show). Going into Powderfinger, we looked up in the sky and the ISS was lit up like a star moving from the northwest to the southeast. It was surreal to see that in the sky listening to Neil jam on Powderfinger.

    Neil’s new tunes were very well received, but the highlight of them, bar none, was Twisted Road. This song stood out with the crowd as if it were an old standard. It was bizarre, sortof like everyone knew the song from decades ago. They loved it. Personally, I really got into Walk Like a Giant, but that’s just me.

    When Neil played the Martin on Needle & the Damage Done, it WAS out of tune. As a musician & guitarist myself, I have an ear for it. I was a bit surprised that he worked around it, but hey, whatever it takes.

    Neil & Crazy Horse appeared to have a blast at Tahoe. A lot of the regular crowd was there, which made me feel at home – even though this is home for me. Always good to see familiar faces.

    We took our local DJ and her boyfriend to the show. They had never seen Neil, let alone Neil & Crazy Horse. They were totally blown away. I tried to get them to think about that show in an old dingey bar or club somewhere that held no more than 400 people. That’s the way I used to see Neil perform as a kid. They didn’t believe me at all. They couldn’t believe it.

    Neil put on a phemonal show, and we were so grateful that he came to Tahoe. The show was impeccable and packed with good energy.

    Thank you Neil, Poncho, Billy & Ralph for visiting with us! See you soon down the road.

  • MaggieM says:

    I’ve also been a huge follower since the 70’s and all during this period I have learned that everything about Neil and the Horse is so worth the wait! I was able to share this indeed historical event with my daughter in Tahoe. This was her 3rd experience with Neil and the Horse. As I looked around me I realized that at this event we were witness to an experience that unearthed a magnificent treasure and from the tour of the most gifted singer/songwriter/ROCKER of our time! WALK LIKE A GIANT NEIL!

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