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Tom Adams speaks out, crowd-sourcing film producer

Tom Adams, producer of the now famous Carnegie Hall full crowd-sourced show from Jan. 7, 2014 posts an open message to Warner Brothers:

(and BNB supports this view)

” While Warner Brothers certainly has the legal right to remove the video I produced, I am frustrated that no one from the company contacted me directly.

Sure, I’m just a small fish in a gigantic pond, but I obviously touched on a nerve here. I simply received a standard email from youtube noting the copyright infringement.

I see the viral nature of this video as an opportunity for Warner Brothers to make a progressive move towards a more modern way of dealing with fan-produced media. I wish they would have seen this as a chance to take a leading role in the rapidly changing world of online media distribution… especially when dealing with one of the world’s most respected and prolific entertainers who, after 40+ years of performing, still has an amazingly solid connection with his fans.

I wish they would have considered an alternative way to preserve and present this magical event to Neil Young’s fans instead of just removing it. So if anyone out there in Warner Brothers-land is reading this, I’m all ears and just a click away:

Read an interview with Tom Adams at:

Stop the content mafia:



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2 Responses to “Tom Adams speaks out, crowd-sourcing film producer”

  • Content guerilla says:

    good stuff for a debate. Is the viral video more infringement than posting full copyrighted news articles, radio shows about full concerts, crowd sourced YT clips of a show? Maybe because it’s not clear if T. Adams doesn’t get a revenue for his publicity. But that would be ridiculous.

    Yeah, at least WB or Elliot should have been talking to TA, they let the video nevertheless on WSJ for about a week or so, so it was in their interest.

    And I don’t think Neil really cares about this, as the sound was quite good. Sure, with PONO it will get better.

    “Piracy is the new radio!” Neil.

    “I see the viral nature of this video as an opportunity for Warner Brothers to make a progressive move towards a more modern way of dealing with fan-produced media…” TA.

  • Content guerilla says:

    there’s also been a nice discussion on TW

    before the content mafia took the video down. But it missed the point: The issue is not disturbing the audience — stealth tapers don’t do this, it’s more the standard audience that put up their frigging iphones and blue screen all and are distracting themselves, the other audience and the artist with not concentrating on the show…

    The point is why taking down good quality crowd-sourced stuff when even Neil uses it for his archives volumes and such. Guess that just that the WB and content mafia ilk are dinosaurs in face of the new media. Neil is not. Today.

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