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Jobs said “Fuck Neil Young?”

neil-young-record-storeNeil Young has been a vocal critic of the sound of digital music, mostly recently while hawking his new Pono player.

This did not sit well with the late Steve Jobs, according to an article that appeared at Fast Company.

In the book Becoming Steve Jobs by Fast Company executive Rick Tetzeli and longtime technology reporter Brent Schlender, it’s revealed that Neil Young tried to quash the beef over the digital sound Jobs created through Apple, ipods and iTunes, Young offers Steve Jobs a set of remastered vinyl editions of every album in his catalog.

It was an “[attempt] to smoke the peace pipe,” writes Schlender.  “I knew that Steve enjoyed listening to records on vinyl from time to time, so I agreed to call him to see if he’d like to get the LPs. Steve answered the phone on the second ring, and I explained what I was calling about. We had talked about Neil’s criticisms a year or so before, and I thought this might soften his grudge.”

Fat chance.

“Fuck Neil Young,” he snapped, “and fuck his records. You keep them.” End of conversation.

Funny some things begin spontaneously and end spontaneously.

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4 Responses to “Jobs said “Fuck Neil Young?””

  • MojoKush says:

    Well Fuck Steve Jobs!

  • Applesux says:

    Jobs had no problem with child and slave labor, tax evasion, and environmental rape.
    But, Neil Young? You gotta draw the line somewhere.
    Ass hat.

  • Chris Young says:

    I am no real fan of Jobs either but Neil has a reputation as a notorious A-hole. Anyway the Donald should use a good song anyway like – Born in the USA, Eye of the Tiger, The House is a Rockin’ or a bunch of others, who needs Neil. I hope Neil Young will remember – southern man don’t need him around anyhow. 10-4.

  • Shar says:

    Chris, this does not sound like you, Mr. Farm Aid! Are you angry at NY as well?

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