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Review: Sharry on Massey Hall, part 1

Massey Hall 2011


I had a great time at Neil’s show tonight at Massey Hall. The setlist remained the same as at his recent shows. No complaints from me since it was the first time I had seen one of his Twisted Road Tour shows.

I had a seat in Row I on the floor off to the left side.  (I was seven seats in from the extreme left aisle.) One of the cameras was set up a few rows behind us in the aisle.

Just by chance another Rustie sat next to me; Gerry Peters who also attended the Rustfest at the Pickle Barrel.  We had 12 people attend and expect about the same number tomorrow. It was great seeing everyone and I look forward to the Rustfest tomorrow. My seat is in the centre balcony area, Row J.

After the lights went off and Bert Jansch began his performance I noticed a person wearing a familiar looking white jacket with a few colourful (red, green and grey) horizontal stripes walking up the extreme left aisle. My Bob Young radar was finely attuned and I knew it was him as soon as I got a glimpse of his jacket (in the dark yet! 🙂 ). He was wearing the same jacket that he wore when he dined at the Chemong Lodge in Bridgenorth (near Peterborough) with Neil last October when he also paid a visit to the Youngtown Museum.

(See Bob Young wearing the same jacket below.)

at the

Bob Young was seated a row or two behind where I was sitting, but more towards the middle of the audience. (Note: Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo was sitting nearby and I saw him chatting with Bob Young. At Neil’s last shows at Massey Hall in November 2007 I saw Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo in the audience and spoke with him for a few minutes and got his autograph.)

I decided to go up to him after Bert Jansch’s set and thank him for his work as one of the Executive Producers, along with Jan Haust, on “This Wheel’s On Fire.” I got his attention, introduced myself, informed him that we had met previously, and thanked him for his efforts as the Executive Producer and told him that I really enjoyed “This Wheel’s On Fire.” I then shook his hand, smiled and left to use the washroom facilities and get a fresh bottle of water.

Back to Neil… He came on-stage at about 9:10 p.m. He seemed really engaged with the audience and was very gracious with his waves, smiles and hand gestures. (He made the Namaste gesture where he bowed a bit and held his hands together in the inverted “V” shape after playing “Cinnamon Girl.”)

He made some really amusing comments while introducing “Leia,” which he said was for all the “Little People.”

His references to Ontario and Toronto went over very well and received a lot of enthusiastic applause. (“There is a house in North Ontario” and “You didn’t see me in Tarawna when I first tried out some hash.”) There were numerous shout-outs by audience members of “Welcome home, Neil!” and the like.

There were also some boorish audience members who shouted out requests, whistled and hollered during inapproriate moments and talked when Neil was playing. I had a few of them sitting beside me to my left and they were really irritating. They had obviously had one too many beers and one of them got up at least three times to exit the hall and then return, making everyone stand up to let him get back to his seat.

I noticed that Neil was really into using the “Le Noise” sonics at the end of this songs and I thought it was very cool. “Hitchhiker” was really powerful and amazing. I also really enjoyed “Love and War,” “You Never Call,” and “Peaceful Valley.”

I didn’t take a camera along because I thought Massy Hall might be really strict about allowing people to bring in cameras because of the filming. That turned out not to be the case. It appeared that they weren’t checking very thoroughly at all. I plan to bring my camera tomorrow. (I won’t use it during the show — just at the Rustfest and for some exterior photos of Massey Hall, Neil’s bus, etc.)

I discovered that cold bottles of water were also being sold at the Coat Check downstairs. (Instead of having to line up at the crowded bar downstairs.)

After the show I went downstairs to the merchandise table and purchased the Le Noise Flip Book and a black baseball back for Bob. I showed it to Bob when I got home and he really liked it.

I’m looking forward to the Rustfest and Neil’s concert tomorrow night.

Sharry (Up in T.O. keepin’ jive alive)

Sharry at Toronto










goto Sharry‘s review, part 2.

Demme Wrapping up His 3rd Neil Flick

Does Jonathan Demme have an unusual fixation or what?

By: Tom Lanham 05/11/11 10:01 AM

Last night and tonight, at Massey Hall up in Toronto, the Academy-Award- winning director will be filming the final shows of Neil Young’s “Le Noise” tour for his concert pic that’s hitting theatres later this year. But it’s his third Neil Young-based movie!

Even the lovably eccentric – and garrulous – Robyn Hitchcock couldn’t hold the guy’s attention for this long. But the perpetually productive Young – whose new Juno-winning “Le Noise” album also snagged a Grammy for Best Rock Song, “Angry World” – is always an interesting subject.

And Demme has chosen different slants – and points in his career – from which to analyze Young. His first effort, “Heart Of Gold,” followed the CSNY legend on his “Prairie Wind” tour back in 2006.

His next, “Trunk Show,” revolved around Young’s “Chrome Dreams II” stop at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Penn., in 2009.

So capturing his performance of the Daniel Lanois-produced “Le Noise” songs is probably a whole new animal entirely. Will Demme be satisfied with just a trilogy of Neil Young films?

Hey – George Lucas didn’t know how to quit when he was ahead, did he? For more:

read moar at the San Francisco Examiner.

Throw Your Hatred Down

Maybe Neil will change his setlists in the wake of the death of the long sought “Let’s Roll” evil one and play:



Buffalo Springfield plan tour

pix, or it did not happen. Actually they will do this tour:

Neil Young tour bus

photo courtesy of Michael Borkson

Toronto Sun:
Neil Y
oung’s classic rock band Buffalo Springfield are to tour for the first time since 1968.

The supergroup, featuring Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay, reunited to perform at the rock star’s annual Bridge School Benefit concert in Northern California last October – and now the band is hitting the road.

Young has announced a six-date California tour in June, which will serve as a warm-up for the band’s set at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee on June 11.

Young’s longtime bassist Rick Rosas will take the place of the late Bruce Palmer on the road and drummer Dewey Martin’s spot will be filled by Crosby, Stills and Nash drummer Joe Vitale.

A statement from Furay reads, “It’s hard to believe 42 years have passed since we played together as the Buffalo Springfield. Over the years, music never stopped flowing from each of us, and it’s come full circle, if you will. And now, we get to share our hearts with you again.”

:: tour dates so far: here.

Bert Jansch, the mystery master of acoustic guitar

the mystery master of acoustic guitar many music lovers have never heard of

Jim Farber, Thursday, April 21st 2011, 4:00 AM

Bert Jansch will be performing at Avery Fisher Hall Sunday, April 24 and Monday, April 25.

Jimmy Page ripped off his arrangement of the traditional folk song “Blackwaterside” on Led Zeppelin’s debut.

Neil Young used his song “Needle Of Death,” as the template for his own 1974 wasteland epic “Ambulance Blues.”

And songwriters from Paul Simon, Nick Drake and Donovan to Devendra Banhart, Johnny Marr and Bernard Butler have aped or honored his style.

What a shame, then, that so few fans have heard the name, or the work, of Bert Jansch. (To make matters more obscure, most people pronounce his last name “Yanch,” while he opts for “Jansh”).

To shed a wider light on this master acoustic guitarist — and, presumably, to pay back a sonic debt — Neil Young has asked Jansch to open several legs of his current solo tour, the latest of which comes to Avery Fisher Hall Sunday and Monday.

According to Jansch, 67, the two legends first collided back in the late ’60s.

“He came to the Troubadour in L.A. to meet me, but I can’t only barely remember it,” he says. “At time time I didn’t know who he was.”

moar barn here ( …


:: Bert Jansch official site –  new album: “The Black Swan” – on tour
:: Neil Young site. – on tour


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