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the old Neil Young project, “The Archives”

Cellar Door trailer

Neil Young Cellar-Door_Trailer

Neil Young – Cellar Door Trailer

very short


BH adds: The 1970 solo tour occurred between November 30 and December 5.  It included eight shows on five dates, six of which were at the Cellar Door in Washington, DC and the final two were at Carnegie Hall, New York.

The setlist grid can be found here on Sugar Mountain:

Forty three years after those shows a new album from the Archives Performance Series, Live at the Cellar Door, is being released on December 10th.  The performance was culled from the six Cellar Door shows.   An intimate venue, The Cellar Door was located on M Street NW at 34th in Georgetown.   With this in mind it becomes quite clear why Neil is revisting Carnegie Hall playing solo for the first time since those two solo dates in 1970.  The question remains….will he revisit the same setlists?

"I caught you knockin' at my cellar door
I love you, baby, can I have some more
Ooh, ooh, the damage done."  -- Neil Young

Neil to release Cellar Door Album

4976c8c0Pitchfork is announcing that Neil Young will release a new live album of six performances from 1970 at the Cellar Door in Washington D.C.

The collection is scheduled to be released on Nov. 26.

According to Pitchfork, the  recordings of the performances came a few months after the release of  After the Gold Rush from November 30 to December 2, 1970,.

Live at the Cellar Door will be out through Reprise on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.

The album features Young performing acoustic and piano renditions of songs from After the Gold Rush, as well as three versions of Buffalo Springfield songs, a solo piano take of 1969’s “Cinnamon Girl”, early takes of songs that would appear on later studio albums, and other classics.

Live At The Cellar Door:

Tell Me Why, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, After the Gold Rush, Expecting to Fly, Bad Fog of Loneliness, Old Man, Birds, Don’t Let It Bring You Down,See The Sky About to Rain,Cinnamon Girl,I Am a Child, Down by the River, Flying on the Ground Is Wrong.


40 years of Time Fades Away


Nice article about this dark album. And not yet re-released. We’re waiting for The Archives or PONO. For the Neil-Fans out there, a re-release of “TFA” is a long awaited wish.


40 Years Ago: Neil Young Releases ‘Time Fades Away’ (1973)

TIMES FADES AWAY from test pressing

There are so many albums in Neil Young‘s catalog that most fans wouldn’t miss a stray out-of-print entry or two. But that isn’t the case with his infamous “lost” 1973 live release, ‘Time Fades Away.’

Mostly recorded on a disastrous tour that found Young and his band slowly falling apart over 62 shows in early 1973, ‘Time Fades Away’ should have come at a moment of triumph, since it arrived in the wake of his hugely successful ‘Harvest’ LP. Platinum sales often bring their own set of problems, however, and for Young, mainstream stardom proved a burden that started chafing almost immediately. “I felt like a product, and I had this band of all-star musicians that couldn’t even look at each other,” Young reflected in a 1987 interview. “It was a total joke.”

Of course, Young being Young, he didn’t exactly make the tour easy on himself, chiefly by opting to perform previously unreleased material for crowds expecting to hear the hits. Going on to call ‘Time Fades Away’ “my least favorite record” and “the worst record I ever made” in the same 1987 interview, Young explained, “As a documentary of what was happening to me, it was a great record. I was onstage and I was playing all these songs that nobody had heard before, recording them, and I didn’t have the right band. It was just an uncomfortable tour. It was supposed to be this big deal — I just had ‘Harvest’ out, and they booked me into 90 cities.”

At this point, it’s hard to say who the “right band” would have been for Young, whose mental state grew progressively darker during the tour. All the same, the bloom was probably off the rose from the moment that former Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten, who’d been slated to join Young’s band the Stray Gators for this series of dates, ended up being sent home to sober up — and soon died of a heroin overdose. The bad vibes grew to the point that drummer Kenny Buttrey quit partway through, replaced by the Jefferson Airplane‘s Johnny Barbata [1], and eventually, Young developed a throat infection that made things even worse…

… read more:

| [1] exclusive interview with Human Highway, legendary “rock star drummer” Johny Barbata | Tom’s Sugar Mountain setlists of 1973 Stray Gator Tour |

Next Release in the Archives Performance Series

Surprisingly, the next release in the Neil Young APS (Archives Performance Series) is

Live at The Cellar Door 1970.

Go to the link below for a very cool pic of the original cellar door itself.

This was reported by Thrasher’s Wheat which listed the tracklist as:

1. On The Way Home
2. Tell Me Why
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
4. Old Man
5. Down By The River
6. After The Gold Rush
7. Expecting To Fly
8. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
9. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
10.See The Sky About To Rain

For more info:
Thanks go to kb.

Why would that be surprising?

Box Set due for release June 11th

Part of The Archives?

Release Posted by Robin Murray Fri, 25/05/2012
Neil Young is to collect his first four solo albums in an upcoming budget box set.

A seminal songwriting talent, Neil Young’s sprawling discography can be an imposing beast. Do you start with his folk period, his country rock output, his oddball 80s output or the 90s rejuvenation?

Thankfully, Neil Young is set to make things a little easier for fans. The Canadian born songwriter is to collect his first four solo albums in a new budget box set, acting as a superb introduction to his output.

‘Official Release Series, Discs 1-4’ will be released through Reprise on June 11th, with the box set due to contain: ‘Neil Young’ (1968), ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’ (1969), ‘After The Gold Rush’ (1970) and ‘Harvest’ (1972).

These four albums chart Neil Young’s progression from the wreckage of Buffalo Springfield towards the enormous commercial success of ‘Harvest’.

Celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, the album’s soothing country rock remains a touchstone – arguably paving the way for Fleet Foxes, Band Of Horses and countless other plaid shirt clad minstrels.

However there remains plenty left to explore. Hell, even ‘Harvest’ – perhaps Young’s most easily accessible album – contains the final guitar rampage of ‘Words’.

‘Official Release Series, Discs 1-4’ is set to be released on June 11th.

p.s.: 5th is release date for “Americana”.

Random Quote

They\'re here for the greatest hits.
Boy, are they in for a surprise.

by Neil\'s manager, Elliott Roberts, before the 1st London show in 2003.

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