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Australia: Rolling Stone and The Herald


(c) Simone de Peak, 2013

the discussion goes on. Hard to understand, why people expect something different than that what is known.

Rolling Stone: Show leaves Australian fans divided

[shows a video of Hey Hey, My My at Perth]

“By Andy Greene
March 4, 2013 11:25 AM

Neil Young and Crazy Horse kicked off their 2013 world tour in Perth, Australia on March 2nd. The set list was almost identical to the 2012 set, though he swapped in “Heart of Gold” for “The Needle and the Damage Done” and added a new song entitled “Hole in the Sky.” It’s a stripped-down (especially for Crazy Horse) track about the environment and how Young’s long-in-the-works LincVolt electric car project can save the planet. It sounds very much like an outtake from his much-maligned 2009 disc Fork in the Road.

The review of the show in the local press was extremely positive, noting that “Young and Crazy Horse displayed the kind of energy and enthusiasm for their craft that should make some of their younger contemporaries hang up their guitars and think again.” The comments on the site, however, tell a very different story. … ”

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“TO the average punter, Neil Young stands for Heart of Gold and Old Man and the folkie movement of the 1970s.

But there’s another side to Young – the feedback-”

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Perth, Australia, Tour kicks off

Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Perth, Australia 2013right now: The Horse runs in Perth, down under.

…stay tuned for more to come

2013-Neil Young et al.

Happy New Year, BNB

thank you all for being. And introspect your year…

2013 will be another great Neil Young Year. Neil Young and the Horse will continue the Alchemy tour in Australia and Europe.

If you ever want to be a roving reporter, contact us.  We have some in Berlin (after berlin) but lack Australia and New Zealand, and Europe.

Just do it.


Ottawa 2012 fan review

A couple of weeks ago, I broke a vow I made nearly a quarter-century ago, when I walked out on a Rolling Stones concert, bored out of my skull watching a bunch of ageing rockers fake it for the big bucks.

Never again!, I swore, no more stadiums, no more arenas! Rock and roll is meant for bars or – maybe – an outdoor amphitheatre. (And Dylan was great at one such venue by Lake Ontario.)

But when I learned Neil Young and Crazy Horse were coming to Ottawa, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make right a similar, but far more misguided, walk-out. When I was a naive 15 year-old (or was I 16?), and knew Neil Young as only a folk-singer with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, Rust Never Sleeps nearly broke my brain.

I not only walked out of the theatre in outrage at the shrieking feedback and howling, tortured strings — I demanded my money back!

More fool I. But I’ve grown up a little since 1981.

I’ve written about that memory in some detail here:

And about the powerful, moving and frankly mind-blowing, full-sensory theatrical experience that was Neil and the Horse’s 2012 Ottawa concert here:

Thanks for the opportunity to post here, and for the site in general. As someone who has gone from liking Neil (quite a bit) to being a fan, it looks to be a marvellous resource.

By Geoffrey Dow.

Italy 2013

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25.07. Lucca, Lucca Summer Festival (Italy)

26.07. Rome, Rock in Roma (Italy)

see all current Euro 2013 tour dates (real & rumoured) on BNB’s tour page.

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I am stronger now than when I was 25 years old. I can create more havoc now! I was working for this.
by -- Neil Young, 2010 (CBC interview) Downbeat

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