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Concert Review: The Age about Melbourne

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
The Plenary, March 13

Neil Young was up for pushing air around. He was in the mood to ram the laws of harmony through coils and cables until they bent the fabric of the universe, or else rupture the bowels of Satan trying. He also did Heart of Gold. In his sleep.

The disengaged solo acoustic flashback served two purposes. In terms of context, the easy listening nugget dovetailed ingeniously with Twisted Road, one of the more personal, reflective songs on his latest album with Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill.

It also showed the distance between the fireside singer-songwriter the world would love to have and hold, and the fringe-dwelling space-rock monster that long ago moved into the checked flannel shirt and stomped on every distortion device in sight.

Neil Young performs in Melbourne. Photo: Jason South

Most ferocious show: Melbourne

Meanwhile in Australiaand: Alchemy Concerts being filmed

Neil Young Films Alchemy Concert Movie In Melbourne, Australia

by Paul Cashmere on March 14, 2013

With a capacity of 5000, tonight’s Neil Young & Crazy Horse at Melbourne’s Plenary Hall was the smallest room Young has ever played in Australia.

Tonight, Neil Young fans got to see him up close and personal for one of his most ferocious shows ever, with thanks to his band of pitbulls, Crazy Horse. I challenge any musician even two thirds younger than 67-year old Neil Young to go a few rounds with him on stage. He would destroy you musically.

I’ve seen Neil Young on every one of his Australian tours and by far this was his most powerful. In total, three hours from head to toe. Neil Young & Crazy Horse were like a hurricane this evening. Tonight he was totally switched to 11.

…


Australia: Rolling Stone and The Herald


(c) Simone de Peak, 2013

the discussion goes on. Hard to understand, why people expect something different than that what is known.

Rolling Stone: Show leaves Australian fans divided

[shows a video of Hey Hey, My My at Perth]

“By Andy Greene
March 4, 2013 11:25 AM

Neil Young and Crazy Horse kicked off their 2013 world tour in Perth, Australia on March 2nd. The set list was almost identical to the 2012 set, though he swapped in “Heart of Gold” for “The Needle and the Damage Done” and added a new song entitled “Hole in the Sky.” It’s a stripped-down (especially for Crazy Horse) track about the environment and how Young’s long-in-the-works LincVolt electric car project can save the planet. It sounds very much like an outtake from his much-maligned 2009 disc Fork in the Road.

The review of the show in the local press was extremely positive, noting that “Young and Crazy Horse displayed the kind of energy and enthusiasm for their craft that should make some of their younger contemporaries hang up their guitars and think again.” The comments on the site, however, tell a very different story. … ”

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“TO the average punter, Neil Young stands for Heart of Gold and Old Man and the folkie movement of the 1970s.

But there’s another side to Young – the feedback-”

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Neil Young Set List: 2013-03-10, Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

thanks to Tom @ Sugar Mountain.

Neil Young
Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
w/ Crazy Horse

01. Love And Only Love
02. Powderfinger
03. Born In Ontario
04. Walk Like A Giant
05. Hole In The Sky
06. Heart Of Gold
07. Twisted Road
08. Singer Without A Song
09. Ramada Inn
10. Cinnamon Girl
11. F*!#in' Up
12. Mr. Soul
13. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
14. Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll
15. Opera Star

Tour: 2013 Alchemy Tour with Crazy Horse - Australia & New Zealand
Band: Crazy Horse, Line Up 3

Neil Young - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

“I thought he’d do a lot more acoustic stuff.”

Bimbadgen-Estate-Pokolbin-NSW-Australia According to some reviews from the current Australia shows by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, people have mixed feelings about the music, the loud and raunchy Crazy Horse guitar storm.

from: Neil Young confounds expectations

“Forget the six string sing-alongs that is musical bliss”

“Maybe things haven’t gone so well on the first two shows on the tour.
Whether the majority of the audience enjoyed proceedings was another thing entirely. A lot left early. Many seemed to be expecting something else.
Like the guy behind me who left before the final encores who told his friend:
“I thought he’d do a lot more acoustic stuff.”
Pretty sure Neil would get a kick out of that.”

I mean, what do they expect? Don’t they have Internets Down Under? Setlist-spoiler unwithspoken, if you are a Neil fan and go to a Neil Young and Crazy Horse show, you should know that it won’t be an acoustic sing-along of old “hits”, and you would not have missed the latest album “Psychedelic Pill” or the video clips of the last American “Alchemy” tour.

They even played a new song: Hole In The Sky. That’s nevertheless rather an acoustic one…

Thrasher also has a nice discussion about this phenomenon:
Doubters: There’s A Hole in the Neil Young Fanbase

and the Rolling Stone: Neil Young and Crazy Horse Play ‘Hey Hey, My My’ at 2013 Tour Kick-Off

Brisbane setlist | Current Neil Young and Crazy Horse tour in Australia and New Zealand |

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