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The Best Concert Review Ever

An Evening With Neil YoungWOW. Thrasher’s Wheat had the honor of publishing the best Neil Young concert review ever by Bucks Burnett, who attended the April, 18, 2014 solo acoustic show at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, Texas.

To read journalism like this is to be in the presence of greatness. WOW again.

Sit back and enjoy the read of your life.

It’s titled: “Why I’m Not Here Anymore.”

“Last night was not a concert. It was a congregation being blessed by snake oil from a traveling salesman. But this guy carries the real stuff because we are healed from our earthly concerns. This was a very rare example of paying $200 for a four million dollar show. He took us away and we are not coming back. I do not want to hear music today or talk to people today. Or be seen. I want to be alone with this vibration in my soul.”

Read the rest here:

Thanks to BH, who was also at the concert, and agrees.



Neil Young confronts heckler at Dallas show

shutupThis was posted at JamBase:

Neil Young played a two-set solo acoustic show in Dallas April 17, 2014 and towards the middle of the second set Young was telling the story behind his Martin D-28 guitar when an audience member cut him off by repeatedly yelling “Play it!”

“I don’t think I’m going to play it,” Neil said.  “I’m trying to remember the last time I did what somebody told me to do.” Neil continued to get into it with the fans, exclaiming “what is this, a job?” and “How about you talk, and I’ll listen?” He then offered a biting take on “Harvest Moon” after which he noted, “Funny — that song is not supposed to be angry, You get what you demand.”

Take a listen to how it went down:


Second Dallas Concert Setlist

Neil Poster 2014Setlist from Neil Young’s solo acoustic show on April 18, 2014

Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, Texas

Always thanks to Tom Hambleton at:

Setlist from Dallas solo acoustic show April 17, 2014

2014-04-17, Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, Texas, USA


1.From Hank To Hendrix
2.On The Way Home
3.Only Love Can Break Your Heart
4.Love In Mind
5.Mellow My Mind
6.Are You Ready For The Country?
10.Old Man

11.Goin’ Back
14.Southern Man
15.Mr. Soul
16.If You Could Read My Mind
17.Harvest Moon
18.Red River Valley
19.After The Gold Rush
20.Heart Of Gold

21. Thrasher

Thanks to Tom Hambleton at Sugar Mountain

Neil Plays Dallas – first night

Neil in DallasWhat the fuck is wrong with these people attending Neil Young’s solo acoustic shows?

Dallas Morning News music reviewer  Robert Wilonsky attending Thursday night’s first of two shows in Dallas as had this to say: (Neil plays again Friday night)

I would love to share with you the story Neil Young told Thursday night about his Martin D-28, which once belonged to Hank Williams and shared the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center stage with him on what was for the most part a very special night. But I can’t, because Young wasn’t allowed the opportunity to share the tale. He tried. He held “Hank” in his hands and began recalling that trip to Nashville, when, from the balcony, to Young’s left, a man began shouting: “Play it! Play it!” At which point the 68-year-old who’s been making music since high school reminded the crowd that no one tells Neil Young what to do.

“I don’t think I’m gonna play it,” he said. Beneath his black wide-brimmed hat, he grinned a little. But you could tell: He was not pleased. The heckling continued, because this is just what some people do: spend hundreds of dollars to see their heroes, only to steal their spotlight.

“What, do I work?” Young said, the good humor now completely gone from his voice. “Is this a job? I’m trying to recall the last time I did something expressly because someone told me to do it.” The rest of the crowd cheered, almost as though it were trying to distract Young or jolt him back into the jovial mood he’d been in moments earlier, following a version of “Mr. Soul” played on a pump organ. Instead he just played the next song: “Harvest Moon,” one of the more beautiful entries in a canon filled with tenderhearted melodies. But Young strummed the guitar a little harder than usual, and didn’t so much sing its simple, sentimental lyrics (“When we were lovers/I loved you with all my heart”) as he did spit them out.

Read more here:

Random Quote

There\\\'s no real way to describe this show. I mean, there are cardboard cutouts of cars up there. At points, it looks like you\\\'re watching a high school play. It\\\'s worth seeing just for the spectacle of it all.
by Jimmy McDonough, St Louis Post-Dispatch, 6 Aug 03.

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