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Remembering Rainer


In memory of Rainer B. (The Baron) on the anniversary of his journey to the celestial Human Highway.

Sept 30, 1964 to April 2, 2014

German physicist, administrator of Human Highway and Bad News Beat, dreamer, music aficionado, devoted Bayern futbol fan, quirky nerd with brilliant sense of humor, fierce friend and the perfect stranger, like a cross of himself and a fox.

“Every wave is new until it breaks”





Remembering The Baron

Baron-guitarRemembering Rainer, long-time administrator of Bad News Beat and Human Highway.

“The Baron” left us one year ago today. He believed in bringing people together to hear the music, to be creative and share their stories.

His beloved server “Cortez” lives on thanks to all friends.

He lives on in all our hearts.

This one is for you ……







BNB is Back

“This all starts (again) with you and me.”



The Baron & Albert the Lighthouse.

BNB is back up and running, thanks to a team  dedicated to keeping the work of The Baron, and others before him, alive – years of collecting Neil Young-related news.

BNB is a vast warehouse of Neil’s music, tour dates and setlists, videos, reviews, projects, activism, awards, benefits and more.

A lot has happened since our last post in April, 2104.  The Baron (Rainer) left us too soon, on a new quantum journey through the universe. Neil was just finishing up a solo performance in Chicago.

None of us could have known all the changes that were coming.  Neil’s actions since then have drawn a rollcoaster of controversy, debate and differing opinions. Never a dull moment.

Stay tuned. It will take us awhile to catch up. As always send Neil news our way. We welcome critiques and updates from roving reporters.

Drop us a line. We will stand up.



A tribute to The Baron

800px-Angel_in_the_air_Bad News Beat pays tribute to its administrator:  “The Baron.” (Rainer B.)

You will always be on this page and in our hearts.

Rainer gave us all a commercial-free, private venue for almost 20 years on Bad News Beat and Human Highway so Zumans could travel freely and share their love of Neil Young – and their lives –  with each other.

I cannot write more now. Your loss is profound, beyond measure.


Across the plain flew the lone grey rider

Leather bag pounding on his back

Above the clouds the moon was climbing higher

A pack of wolves wanted their money back
With folded arms the chief stood watching

Painted braves slipped down the hill

In his ears the spirit talking

As they closed in For an easy kill
At the house the door was wide open

Wind blew curtains off the rod

She was waiting and hoping

She was praying to her god
He was luckier than most men

He was barely in his prime

As she stood their in the doorway Her long dress flowing

Would he make it this time
Over the hill in the big green country

That’s the place where the cancer cowboy rides

Pure as the driven snow before it got him

Sometimes I feel like he’s all right
Sometimes I feel like a piece of paper

Sometimes I feel like my own name

Sometimes I feel different later

Sometimes I feel I feel just the same



Random Quote

An ambulance can only go so fast.
by -- Neil Young

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