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Neil’s Advice to Win Butler of Arcade Fire

happy new year to ya all!


By Jon Blistein, Rolling Stone
January 2, 2014 11:30 AM

Arcade Fire scored some pretty solid advice from Neil Young after a Thanksgiving feast while the band were still working on their stellar 2013 album, Reflektor. “It was the end of the night and we were leaving,” frontman Win Butler tells Rainn Wilson in a new interview for the former Office star’s Soul Pancake site, “and he’s like, ‘Well, guys, have fun making your album. Or it can not be fun at all, that’s fine too. Doesn’t matter if it’s fun.’

“There’s conflict that’s supposed to be in making something good,” Butler added. “There’s, like, inherent conflict. It’s not something to be scared of.”

Along with relaying Young’s wry, sage wisdom, Butler also cited the rocker’s classic 1970 record After the Gold Rush as one of the most important albums in his life

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don’t be denied. There is something bigger out there than all of us.

Merry Christmas, Xmas, Ymas

here are traditionally our wishes…  😀

xmas-NeilDear BNB followers,


we wish you all a great fest and thanks for being here. Also many thanks to the BNB team that makes all this possible.

It’s been a great Neil Young year — The Alchemy Tour through Australia and Europe (unfortunately the rest called off) — full of music, Neil’s activism, and so many Zumans and Nei fans meeting around the world, some of them for the first time in their life. Thank you all for this.


Have a peaceful outcome of this year and a colorful outlook for next year, 2014.

We’ll be back.



Alchemy tour 2014 update

Alchemy Tour logo


for long felt wishes:

Alchemy 2014, back in Europe, Neil Young and Crazy Horse

10 July, Live at the Marquee Cork, Ireland – tickets on sale at 9 a.m. Monday, December 16.

12 July, London, Hyde Park, UK

20 July, Ulm, Germany, Schwoerenfest Open Airtix on sale

23 July, Vienna, Austria, Stadthalle – tix on sale

25 July, Mönchengladbach, Germany, WARSTEINER HockeyPark 19:00 Uhrtix on sale

26 July, Dresden, Germany, Filmfest am Elbufer – tix on sale

28 July, Mainz, Germany, Zollhafen – tix on sale

1 August, Bergen, Norway – tix on sale

5 August, Lokerse Feesten in Lokeren, Belgiumfull 2-hour concert set. It will be their last show in the European Tour 2014. – tix on sale

Please always check out the BNB tour dates page. Greets to Roland and Alex. Merry Christmas. You can interactively comment on this site.

PONO update


Pono might not launch as planned:

Neil Young’s Pono Music won’t launch at CES
By Janko Roettgers

Pono is a no-show at CES: Neil Young’s high-definition music service and device won’t be launching in Vegas next month. Pono, the digital music company founded by music legend Neil Young, is delaying its launch: A Facebook post penned by Neil Young himself that had promised an “early 2014 launch” has been taken down, and the company is now saying that it won’t be at CES in Las Vegas next month.

Pono is Neil Young’s attempt to bring some of the qualities of original sound recordings back to the digital age. Young’s company will manufacture a personal audio player and also distribute high-definition music downloads.

The company is still keeping mum on some key details of its service, but Young said in the now-removed post that it works with “artist-approved studio masters” to restore music “to its original artistic quality.” Pono has also said that it is working with Meridian, a company that produces high-end audio and AV systems.

However, Pono isn’t the only company trying to woo consumers with better-sounding digital music. Next month’s CES will feature a dedicated “Hi Res Audio Experience” area, and companies like Sony will also feature high-resolution audio equipment at their booths. Pono’s promise has been that it will differentiate itself from these competitors by delivering more than just higher bitrates, but at least at CES, consumers won’t be able to hear the difference.

Oil sands don’t listen to Neil Young


… but politely respect him, though he and his ilk is meaning less to the power.

Canadian prime minister shoves away Neil Young’s statement:

He has a certain group of fans that follow him and it’s good that he’s 
going on tour again. But from my perspective, we as the government of 
Alberta have always had a really strong partnership with bands such as 
Fort Chip, and we’ve had really good economic relationships as well as 
consultation relationships and we’ve seen real improvements ...,” 
Redford said Monday during a year-end interview with the Journal.

who the F is Fort Chip?

Redford, who said she hasn’t listened to a lot of Young’s music, said 
the rock icon’s support for the First Nation won’t affect how her 
government carries on.

“It’s always important to support communities and if he wants to support 
communities, then that’s a good thing, but it’s certainly not a case 
where there isn’t work going on, and good productive work going on, in 
terms of economic benefits and partnership, and that’ll continue,” 
Redford said.

I guess this is politician blah blah and worth analyzing just the words. Polite, but firm in ignorance.

Read the whole story:

“I’m not particularly certain that a rock star coming in changes a lot 
of that, we’ll do the work anyway.”

Question remains, which work? It’s Orwellian blah-blah. But nice to know that Neil is a Rock Star. And music can change a lot.

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These days it’s all about closure of this and that for me. I have too many things to finish. How can I move on until I clean that slate?”
by --Neil Young, 2012

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