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Neil L.A. presale tickets- crackdown on disruption

Associated Press file photo

Associated Press file photo

Just posted on Neil Young’s Website: Presale tickets on sale now.

Neil Young is hitting the road again and wanted to make sure his loyal fans have the first opportunity to buy tickets.

Neil Young will be offering presale tickets here before they go on sale to the general public!

This is a first come first served online ticket ordering system. There is a 4 ticket limit per show.

Any fan that orders more than 4 will have their tickets cancelled.

Click the “Buy Tickets” link below to order Pre-Sale tickets online. The Buy link will become available at the precise moment tickets are available.

For constant updates, be sure to visit the official website at

All sales are final and all event details are subject to change.



Rolling Stone writer Andy Greene writes a little lengthier article on Neil Young’s duo LA shows scheduled for March.

The LA Times is reporting that Young’s representative said the two Dolby shows will feature different set lists.

Fan Karen Popp is reporting that a notice is already being posted on the ticket website that anyone causing disruptions will be asked to step outside to view the monitor and no refunds or exchanges will be allowed. This, following some incidents that occurred in the front row at Carnegie Hall back in January.

Greene writes: “While Young is notoriously unpredictable, it’s likely that the shows will be  similar in format to his recent Carnegie Hall stand and the Canadian Honor the  Treaties concerts that followed. Those eight shows were solo acoustic gigs and  focused heavily on Young’s 1960s and 1970s catalog. Big hits like ‘Old Man’ and  ‘Heart of Gold’ were mixed in with deeper cuts like ‘A Man Needs a Maid’ and  ‘Flying on the Ground Is Wrong.'”,0,6521043.story#ixzz2ttfiDEZB

Read the rest of the article at:

Here’s another article from the LA Times,0,6521043.story#axzz2ttRM5ZiY

Crowd-sourced filmmaker has not given up

Tom Adams, the guy who created the controversial, crowd-sourced video performance at Cargenie Hall, is not about to give up.

Ever since his film has been removed by Warner Brothers – the content mafia – from media sources, he has been fighting to bring it back.

Tom AdamsA recent post on his Reelife Productions blog, Adams writes:

“I am wholeheartedly pursuing making the Neil Young Carnegie Hall crowdsourced concert film available to the public. I’ve contacted Lookout Management and am “waiting to have a discussion” about the best way to make this happen…(I know, I know…don’t hold my breathe)”



He enlists the help of anyone “In the know.”

There’s also an excerpt from a letter he’s written to Young’s manager Elliot Roberts.

Read more at:

Don’t try to take it with you

Seeger & Young 2013 Farm AidA touching story about an exchange between Neil Young & Pete Seeger at 2013 Farm Aid turned up in the editorial section of the New York Times.

It was the last time the 94-year old troubadour of Americana performed on stage.

Written by NYT editorial writer Jesse Wegman, who attended the benefit concert, and exchange between Young & Ochs involved the deaths of musicians Phil Ochs and Curt Cobain. Seeger told Young of the night in 1976, he was with Ochs before he hanged himself.

Wegman writes:

On Tuesday morning, the day after Pete Seeger died, Mr. Young told me the story that Pete had told to him: Pete had been in New York City and was late for the train home to Beacon, an hour up the Hudson River. Ochs, a good friend and fellow folk singer, was in trouble. He’d been depressed and drinking for a long time, and he reached out to Pete.

“Phil really wanted to talk,” Mr. Young recalled. Pete had to choose between staying in the city another night or getting home. He chose the train.

“Pete remembered shaking hands with him, and when he said goodbye to him for the last time,” Mr. Young said. “He regretted not talking to him.”

For 37 years, the decision to leave that night ate at Pete. “ ‘I wish I’d done something more to stop that from happening,’ ” Mr. Young recalled him saying shortly before he took the stage.

Neil, having a similar experience dealing with Kurt Cobain’s death, gave Seeger this advice:

“Don’t try to take it with you. Leave it where it happened. I felt similar to how Pete felt for a while. But there’s nothing — you can’t carry it with you.”

Read the entire editorial at:


Neil Young Set List: 2014-01-19, Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Last show in a four-show Canadian series to raise money for the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation to fund a lawsuit against Shell Canada.
Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Honour The Treaties Benefit
Solo concert set list:
1. From Hank To Hendrix
2. Helpless
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
4. Love In Mind
5. Mellow My Mind
6. Are You Ready For The Country?
7. Someday
8. Changes
9. Harvest
10. Old Man
11. A Man Needs A Maid
12. Ohio
13. Southern Man
14. Mr. Soul
15. Pocahontas
16. Four Strong Winds
17. Harvest Moon
18. Heart Of Gold
19. Blowin’ In The Wind
20. Mother Earth
Tom Hambleton at
For live pics of the concerts from roving reporter Laslo, Der Komssissar visits

Please donate to help the First Nation’s battle against the Alberta tar sands..

Carnegie Hall – the clapping

Carnegie-Hall 2014

photo by Trapper

Here is another article about the clapping at a Neil Young acoustic show in a musical theater:

“To clap or not to clap? Performing at New York’s Carnegie Hall on Monday night, Neil Young abruptly rebuked his audience for clapping along to his CSNY classic Ohio. “Wrong!” the veteran rocker snapped, cutting off the intro after a few bars and only continuing when the crowd had settled down into suitably reverent silence.

“When Young explained to his chastened clappers “there’s a hell of a distance between me and you” he probably meant the literal distance from stage to seats, which plays havoc with acoustics.

“Clapping along is a way of reclaiming music, returning it to its communal essence. It is a very human sign of involvement and appreciation, not just an indication that people are enjoying it, but that they are getting carried away by the spirit of it.

read all on:…/Clappy-unhappy-why-Neil-Young-was-wrong-to-tell-his-audience-to-be-quiet.html

The controversy goes in essence about two horns of a dilemma:

a) clapping in a large audience hall can’t be physically timely on the rhythm that’s coming from the stage and disturbs the listening experience of the musician (and so his performance) and of the other audience further away from you;


b) the audience wants to express its happiness.


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